Diss Grammar School Teachers and Others by Year

Year key:
   19nn<-   = before and until date
   19nn<-> = approx
   19nn->   = from date to later
Number of people: 129
Updated: 14/05/2020
Year Name Nickname Subjects Link
? 19nn-nn Batchelor Woodwork More info
? 19nn-nn Bately, Godfrey Caretaker, Woodwork More info
? 19nn-nn Burrell, (Mr) Is this Ken Barrell ? English More info
? 19nn-nn Goodwin, (Mrs) French More info
? 19nn-nn Grover Geography More info
? 19nn-nn Holton, (Mrs) Sweaty Betty Music More info
? 19nn-nn Irving, (Miss) Music More info
? 19nn-nn Lambert, Jill PE (Hockey), Divinity More info
? 19nn-nn Leigh, (Mrs) Leapy More info
? 19nn-nn MacPherson English ? More info
? 19nn-nn McGuire, Annette Biology, Maths More info
? 19nn-nn McGuire, Anthony Tony Woodwork More info
? 19nn-nn Westover Latin More info
197n-> Fuller, Susan (Miss) Sue English More info
197n-nn Barker, I English More info
197n-nn Jones, J Casey Maths, Physics, Geography More info
1908- Taylor, Alfed, Hugh (Rear Admiral) Son of Francis Taylor, School Governor More info
1908- Taylor, Francis Donated the land for the school More info
1914-16 Thompson, Ernest Headmaster More info
1919-22 Wallace, Doreen English More info
1919-39 Gray, Charles Headmaster More info
1919-57 Edwards, George Wiggy Groundsman More info
1919-57 Moore, Eric Maths More info
1920<-> Day, Clifton (or Clifford ?) Musical More info
1920<-> Evans, Rosalie Head Mistress, English Lit More info
1920<-> Warburton, (Miss) Domestic Science More info
1920s<-> Dixon, (Miss) Matron for boarders at Uplands, Walcott Rd, Diss More info
1921-48 MacMullen, David Mac English Lit, Latin, New Testament Greek, Music, Maths More info
1930s-> Sheare, (Mrs) French More info
1931<-> Sheene, (Miss) More info
1934<-> Crammond, Hilda History More info
1938<-> Graves, (Miss) PE More info
1939<-> Ives, Catherine French (d/Head (girls 1939)) More info
1939<-> Nunn, (Miss) Biology, Domestic Science More info
1940-46 Fairs, Gilbert Beefy Headmaster More info
1940s Taylor, (Miss) More info
1946-53 Cole, Mabel French More info
1946-54 Folkard, Constance History, Art More info
1947-51 Babington, John Headmaster More info
1947-60 Cornwell, C (Charles) Charlie Maths, Choir More info
1948-68 Patterson, Hilda Hilda, Ma Hoots, Hatpin d/Head, Chemistry More info
1948-68 Patterson, Reginnald Hoots, Reggie Chemistry also ATC, Diss 1070 squadron More info
1948-70s Aberdein, Robert Oboe Woodwork, Technical Drawing, Art More info
1949-52 Cook, Cuthbert English More info
1950 ? Bailey, (Mr) More info
1950<-> Howard, Irene Domestic Science, Needlework More info
1951 Brown, (Mr) More info
1951<-> Wrathnell, (Mr) More info
1951-58 Thicknesse, Sybilla Gratiana Gracie, Camel History, Divinity More info
1951-60 Pursehouse, Eric Money Bags Mansion Headmaster More info
1952-> Lusted, E D Pip English, Latin More info
1954 Davies, E (Miss) History, Art More info
1954<- Ireland, (Mr) Physics More info
1954-> Charlton-Burdon, Norman English, Music More info
1954-58 Davis, M E Biddy English More info
1954-83 Wright, Reginald Reg, Reggie PE, Games, Art, Geography More info
1955< Sharp, F E French More info
1955-61 Browne, Michael Mickey, Larry Maths, Physics More info
1957 Hare, (Mrs) Cookery More info
1957<- Johnson, (Miss) Domestic Science More info
1957-> Killick, James Jimmy Groundsman / Caretaker More info
1958<- Vuillermet, (Mlle) French Assistant More info
1958-> Watson, Constance Connie History, English lit, Geography More info
1958-74 ? Daniels, Geoffrey Dewberry (dubrie), Harpic Divinity, History, helped with games More info
1959- Barnes, J C Barny French and Latin More info
1959<-> Pilgrim, Miss Jock More info
1959<-> Williams, Mrs Games (part-time) More info
1959-> Jones, H I Geography More info
1959-76 Wynn-Jones, Dylis Dylis English More info
1960/70s Knight, Peter Physics, Maths More info
1960<-> Pascoe, Margaret Maggie PE, Games, Biology More info
1960<-> Smith, E Boodikka (NOT Boudicea), Granny, Old ma Smith English, History More info
1960-63 Blagden, Jill Domestic Science More info
1960-70s Blagden, John Bloggs Maths, Physics, School Trips More info
1960-77 Norfolk, Anthony Alf, Alfie Headmaster, Current Affairs More info
1960s & 70s Porter, Dolly Cook More info
1960s-70s Carlton, Stanley Bus driver - Simmonds More info
1960s-70s Ray, Jean School Secretary and Tuckshop More info
1960s-70s Ruddock, Bob Bus driver More info
1960s-70s Old Bob Old Bob Bus driver More info
1960s-70s Herman Herman Bus driver More info
1960s-70s Jock Jock Bus driver - Simmonds More info
1960s-70s ? Clark, Christine PE More info
1961 Wright, (Miss) French More info
1962<-> Morton, Rosemary Music More info
1962-nn Watkins, (Miss) PE, girls More info
1963 Nourisson, (Mlle) French Assistant More info
1963-> Bee, L Maths, Physics More info
1963-nn Thorpe, Jane Domestic Science More info
1965-> Lewis, Robert Bob Geography, games help More info
1965-> Mills, Colin Budgie Maths More info
1965-> Parker, Richard RAB, Hairy, Fiddle, The Crab Biology More info
1965-> Stratfold, Andrew Fred, Jock French More info
1965-71 Fewkes, Ann History More info
1965-72 Govier, James Art More info
1968<- Lockwood, (Mrs) Domestic Science More info
1968-> Angell, (Mrs) Domestic Science More info
1968-> Jones, K Chemistry More info
1968-nn Norfolk, (Mrs) German More info
1969<-> Schit, (Fraulein) German Assitant More info
1970 -> Sasada, Benjamin Ben 6th Form More info
1970<-> Dwerryhouse, David Chemistry More info
1970<-> Hart, Norman Sooty Geography, Careers More info
1970<-> Hilton, Rosemary Music More info
1970<-> Jones, (Mr) French More info
1970<-> Kirk, (Mr) French More info
1970<-> Mayhew, (Madame) French assistant More info
1970<-> Sharp, Sid Caretaker More info
1970<-> Thompson, French, German, Music More info
1970<-> UNKNOWN Brian Groundsman More info
1970<-> ? Hunt, (Mrs) English More info
1970-> Martin, Winifred French, German More info
1971-> Wolpin, Whoppers History, Divinity More info
1971-2004 Barrell, Ken (pron: Burrrrrelle) Harry Divinity (RE), History, English More info
1973-> Challoner, (Mr) Chirpy Art More info
1974-78 Deakin, R Freaky, Coostics English, Music More info
1975 Sweeney, (Miss) French More info
1975<-> Hines, Andrew Head Groundsman More info
1975<-> Hirons, (Mr) Physics More info
1975<-> Matheison, Ian Willie Baxter English Lang & Lit More info
1975<-> Ramm, Graham Penguin, SFG Technical Drawing More info
1976<-> Uttley, (Miss) French More info
1977<-> Curnock, (Miss) RE, Geography More info
1977<-> Hills, (Mr) History More info
1977-closure Palmer, Rosemary Rosie Head Teacher More info
1978<-> Button, Ms Librarian More info
1978<-> Harris, D English More info
1978<-> ??? Hill, (Mr) Larry Grayson History More info
1979 Smith, 'F C', John Caretaker More info

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