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The society is no longer in existence but this website
is allied to the Diss Grammar School Facebook group.


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You don't have to read this if you don't want to, no tests, no lines, no detentions.

It's mainly acknowledgment, legal and technical stuff.



This website is administered by the WebMaster Seth Reeder (DGS 1962-1967), contact via Facebook group.
The Old Dyssean Society Committee has overall authority for its content.
Any comments about this website — editorial content, layout, technical issues, missing links etc — should be referred to the Old Dyssean Society.


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The WebMaster makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website but cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies, loss or damage which may occur from use of the information. If you find anything that causes you concern, please let us know.

The WebMaster has tried to ensure that this website contains no information or language that may cause offence, infringe copyright, or in any other way constitute a breach of the rights of others.


Intellectual property rights in some of this material may be held by individual authors or owners.  Acknowledgments and credits are given when known.  No intent to defraud is intended.

Site Style

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The colours on this site are essentially Blue, Brown and Gold to reflect the school colours used on the blazer badge in the 1960s.  If your colours were different, then let us know.  No attempt has been made to match the colours exactly because the site needs to be clear and readable.  We are all getting older and some, like me, have a visual impairment.  The font/type size is set to Verdana 12pt. You can adjust the size of the display by using the zoom feature in your internet browser.   There's more about colours on the HELP page.

Despite having attended a grammar school my spelling, grammar and punctuation are not good.  I can only apologise and will accept corrections gracefully.

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History and Updates

Website created using Google Sites
Google Analytics is enabled for this site
The images are mainly stored in Google Picasa
videos on Google YouTube
and Google Docs safeguards the documentation 
Site transferred to OVH on March 31st 2019, and documents and images to Google Drive.

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Thank you

A huge thank you to everyone Old Dyssean or not who has helped in the construction of this website.  I can't name you all but you know who your are. Tell everyone about the site and about your input however large or small.

We trust you have enjoyed our site, see more on the Facebook Group.

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