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Diss Grammar School

Formerly — The Old Dyssean Society's Website

The society is no longer in existence but this website
is allied to the Diss Grammar School Facebook group.  

What's New ! LAST EVER 'OLD DYSSEAN' is now on-line Issue 34 Aug 2107 .....

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Ah the dear old nourishing mother .... well to some it was. Others may have a different opinion.

The first thing to note about this site is that it is not trying to sell you anything and on that basis it may not appear alltogether attractive.

However it is full of facts and fiction to do with Diss Secondary and Diss Grammar School its buildings, the clock, documents, history, teachers, poetry, the school song, pupils, other people and many other elements related to the school and its history.

Use the menu system on the left to navigate.   Feedback is via the Facebook Group where you can also find more inforamtion and you can interact with others.

NB: site navigation - As of April 2nd 2019 this site has been transferred from the previous
home on Google Sites.   There is now some considerable housekeeping to be done,
please inform me of things wrong especially faulty links or missing images.

In the meantime enjoy browsing the data and stories on this site.
You can help by adding or correcting information as well.

This website is a natural product. Any slight variations
in spelling and grammar enhance its individual
character and beauty and are in no way
to be considered flaws or defects.

The Old Dyssean Society is open to all
formerpupils, teachers, staff,
colleagues and friends of
Diss Grammar School,
formerly Diss
Secondary School,
Shelfanger Road, Diss, Norfolk, UK.

At the AGM on 18th September 2017 the membership of the society voted to dissolve it.

Divers legal stuff: Accessibility Accessibility, Cookies Cookies, see About page.

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