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The following contains classes generally by starting year and sometimes additionally by leaving year.  

There in no particular order, but roughly alphabetically, by last name.



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- joined after start year
- left before year 5 (Vth form)
- uncertain 
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1909 (January 19th 1909)


Isabel Belsham 1909-
Dorothy Bryant
Dorothy Cook
Dorothy Loveless
Vera Lush
Sissie Smith
1909- ø
Catherine (Palmer) nee ?
Helen Palmer
Hilda Parsley
Helen Spence 1909-14 RIP
Ethel Tillett

Felix Alexander
Gilbert Birks
William Birks 1909-11
Roger Bryant
Allan Brame
Neville W Clarke
William Hall
Edgar Lilley
George Palmer
Kenneth Palmer
Harry Lincoln
John Horace Lond
Leslie G Matthews
George 'Ninety' Newman
Ernest Slade
G H Smith
Archibald Studd
William G Warnes
Max Weavers


 <— The Dyssean Jan 1958 Vol 4, N° 1.

ø - Paul Noble (1965-72) notes:
Sissie Smith (never married) and was still teaching the “Senior Boy’s Class” Sunday School at the back of St Mary’s Church in the late 1960’s. Around 10 boys 10.00am-10.40am each Sunday, learning every week the Sunday Collect and bits of the 1662 Prayer Book catechism to recite it back to her parrot-fashion! Old style teaching but we all loved her.


Violet Loveday -1911-

Ruth Loveday

Winifred Francis 1915-21 


Thumbnail for wide photos

Here's some photos of the 'boarders' at Uplands.

Roger Bryant 1909-15 RIP

G R Crowfoot 1910-13

J W Risk

Bertram Cracknell 1918-23 RIP

Graham Witton left 1925 RIP

was met by Kath Bass our secretary and Herbie Buckle our former Chair on the celebration of her 103rd birthday.  Edition Two - July 2001 of The Old Dyseean contains the story on page 9. (soon to be on-line).

Helen died at home on Jan 6th 2002, her memories died with her!






Doris Tillett 21-28
   (The Dyssean Vol 7, N°2, 1962)
Marjorie Francis 21-28

E W 'Ted' Thurston 21-28
Cecil Woods 20-27

Marjorie Watts (nee Francis) was met by The Old Dyseans Society, Diane Napthen & Doreen Willlings, on the occasion of her 91st birthday on 1st Oct 2001.  The article appears in the Jan 2002 edition of The Old Dyssean page 14.


B. C. Cracknell 1923

Philip Carter 1924-31
Chris Sutton 1924-28
Bernard Crowfoot 1925-30



Ivy Browning 26-29

Form V 1926
Lillian Battely
Joyce Bale
Barbara Cushing
Ella Doubleday
Majorie Elden
Sybil Haunton
Dorothy Inkpen
Olive Knight
Mary Larder
Freda May
Doris Tillett
Elsi Whittleton
Constance Wylie

Walter Hunt 26-31
Ivan Jarmyn 26-32
William Close 26-31

Form V 1926
G K Bland
'Ginger' Butler
R J Cornwell
W J Dorling
Claude Down
C W G Hatten
W B Macro
E C Reeves
George Scrivener
H Seago
Ted Thurston
E Triggs
Cecil Woods




 <— The Dyssean J1961 Vol 6, N° 2.


Wide School Photo 1927



Olive Cutting 27-
Phyllis Carroll 27-
Mary Foreman 27-34
Joyce Mullenger 27-

Ethel Hunt 28-33


Tim (Alec) Cawston ???
Gerald Dunthorne 27-
Fred Long 27-
Alan Spinks 27-32
James Wright 27-

Frank Wilby late 20s 


Audrey Browell ??-31
Joan Cawston 
Joan Dinsey
Joan Ford
Dora Frost
Edna Golding ??-32
Edna Green ??-31
Gertrude Garnham
Joan Gotobed 29-34
Vera Green
Edna Jones
Ethel List
Joyce Nunn
Lena Wade

Form V 1929-30

Gertude Garnham

Louis Carr 29-36 RIP
E R Carter
A G Cattermole
W Close
V A Cory
T B Crowfoot
P Cutting
E M Francis
C E Gower
W I Kerry
S King
R O MacGown
J J Maling 29-34 
F A Nobbs
A L Reynard
G I W Stannard

Form V 1929-30
Conrad Gower
William Close

Louis was a regualr attender at the ODS meetings in the 2000s.

 <— The Dyssean 1966 Vol 11, N° 1.





Dorothy Chatten 30-35 
Mabel Osborn 30-35


Herbert Alexander 30-35
John Stannard 30-36
John Steggles 30-37 
Trevor Tillet -1930-



Pamela Aldrich 31-36 
Joyce Baker 31- 

Bruce Reddaway 31-37
Willie Close -1931-
John 'Jack' Spalding 31-36 
Thomas Womack 31-35

Harry Thurston may have left this year.


Dulcie Awness 32-
Edna Baxter
Mabel Cawston 32-33- 
Hazel Howell 32-36
Kathleen Leeder 32-37
Olive Marshall 32-
Joan Moss 32-37 RIP
Jill Nichols 32-37  

Joan Osborne 32-37
Josephine Outlaw 32-
Beryl Tuck 32-
Alma Simpkin
Margaret Ward
Joan Youngs 32-

Peter Alexander 32-36
Henry (or Philip brother) Barnes 32-35
Geoffrey Broadbent 32-37
Percy Brown 32-37
George Buckle 32-38
D 'Jimmy' Wright 32-27

This is muddled and from The Dyssean 1958 Vol 14, N° 1, Pg 25.

= in class list, cols 2 & 3.

Dulcie Anness
Gwendolyn Bennett
Beryl Bryant
Barbara Colchester
Alma Coutts
Mary Greaves
Hazel Howell 32-36
Kathleen Leeder
Olive Marshall
Jill Nicholls
Joan Osborne
Josephine Outlaw
Alma Simpkin
Beryl Tuck
Pamela Whiting
Joan Youngs

Peter Alexander
Philip Barnes

John Birch
Geoffrey Broadbent

Percy Brown
George Buckle
Geoffrey Cole
Philip Coleman
Ralph Coutts
Richard Fisher
Thomas Oliver
Fred Ray
Jack Rook
Edward Tevarthen
Norman Womack


Mabel Cawston 33-38 ???
Lillian Le Gris 33-38
Pauline Madgett 33-39 

Peter Alexander 33-38
Ormond Anderson 33-38
W R Shoebridge 33-38
Ralph Tuck 33-

Bernard Anderson ???
Ralph Anderson ??? 


Olga Acton 34-39
Valerie Bryant Shimp 34-39

Marian Carr 34-42
Mary Chapman 34-39
Ella Lond 34-39

Form V 1934
Mary Bond
Irene Browning
Joyce Buckle
Shela Butcher
Joan Cawston
Alice Cook
Alma Coutts
Betty Elliott
Joan Gotobed
Elsie Lusher
Viola Purse
Alice Seymour
Margery Starling
Vera Strowlger
Eileen Symonds
Hele Womack

Douglas Halter 34-39
Ralph Howell 34-39 
Peter Pipe 34-40

Form V 1934
Alan Barker
Gordon Betts
Louis Carr
Leonard Clarke
Henry Denny
Jack Nicholls
Geoffrey Nunn
Jack Nunn
Richard Rook
James Willy
Leslie Youngs



Dorothy Cutting 35-40
Edith Limmer 35-40
Hazel Holmes 35-39

Monica Holmes 35-40 
Edna Rice 35-40
Freda Spalding nee ???
Peggy Steggles 35-42 

Richard Aldous 35-40
Richard Bailey 35-42
Herbert Buckle 35-42 RIP 
B J Brown 35-39
Neville Edwards 35-41 RIP 
Ralph Green 35-40
Peter Riches 35-39
Neville Ward 35- RIP
Reginald Wright 35-42 RIP 

From Reg's memory:


? Loynes (2 sisters)
Ivan Browning
Murray Rash
William Chenery
Rex Barber


Wide School Photo 1936



Betty Blyth 36-42
Margaret Capon 36-41
Betty Haylett 36-41
Betty Smith nee 
? 36-42 

Form V 1934-35-36
J A Baxter
Edna Baxter
Dorothy Chatten
Eileen Lacey

Douglas Anderson 36-42
Rex 'Boner' Barber 36-41
Gordon Bloomfield 36-41
Leslie Buck 36-41
Geoffrey Brown 36-41
Leslie Buck 36-41
Tony Riches 36-41 RIP WWII 
John Rout 36-42
'Toddler' Smith 36- ?
Brian Spaull 36-41
Roy Stimpson 36-41

Form V 1934-35-36
Herbert Alexander
Robert Chapman
Eric Cobb
Phiip Coleman  RIP WWII
Robert Kemp  RIP WWII
Bruce Reddaway
Jack Spalding
John Steggles Mervyn Wicks






 <— The Dyssean 1963 Vol 9, N° 1.


Myrtle Laws 37-42

Form V 1937-38
Marjorie Brown
Violet Catchpole
Sybil Cattermole
Hazel Drury
Marjorie Mayes
Joan Moss
Isobel Rowbotham
Joan Self
Sylvia Pratt
Margaret Ward


Alan Browning 37-42
Gerald Chenery 37-42
John Withers 37-43 
Bernard Cawston ???

Form V 1937-38
Ormond Anderson
Frank Bobby
George Brown
G A Clements 'Little Willie'
Derel Jessup
James Levrett
George Madgett
R 'Bob' J Mullenger
Gerald Ray
William Shoebridge

<— The Dyssean 1956 Vol 2, N° 1.


Pamela Jones 38-44
Elsie Pipe 38-43

Jean Waller 38-44 

Form V 1938-39
Margaret Anderson
Betty Cable
Joan Chapman
Mary Chapman
Joan Pyll
-Priscilla Rowbotham

Clifford Cattermole 38-43
Kenneth Cross 38-45
John Withers 38-43

Form V 1938-39
Douglas Halter
James Hedley
Ralph Howell
George Edward 'Peter' Pipe
Alan Ruth
E Seago RIP
Ralph Tuck

 <— The Dyssean 1965 Vol 10, N° 1.


Lorna Barber 39-43
Doreen Bowles 39-44

Gladys Bullock 39-
Gwendoline Cable 39-
Margaret Coleman 39-45

Sheila Cracknell 39-45
Iris Elmar 39-44
Brenda Gadstone 39-45
Maureen Gladstone 39-
Brenda Go(a)dsdon 39-44

Miriam Green 38-45
Beryl Guttermole 39- 
Elisabeth Haylett 39- RIP
Lillian Johnson 39-46
Pearl Lawes 39- RIP
Dora Leist 39-
Margery Pursehouse 39-42
Sheila Madgett 39-44
Diane Napthen 39-44 ?
Diana Sheldrake 39- 
Mary Smith 39-44 RIP
Dorothy Tuck 39-45
Molly(ie) Waller 39-45
Doreen Willings 39-44 

Peter Allum 39-
John Button 39-46
Kenneth Burrows 39-
Ronald Cullum 39-44 RIP
Kenneth 'Gussie' Cross 39-45
Benjamin Fiddy 39-
John Gray 39-46 RIP
George 'Gordon' Johnston 39-42
Peter Leach 39-43
William Limmer 39- RIP
John Loveday 39-43
Horace Mason 39- RIP
Barry Ogle 39-54
John Riley 39-47
Peter Royal 39-45
Eric Stimpson 39-45
John Sutton 39-46
Alan Titley 39 (evacuee)
James Todd 39- RIP
John Turvey 39-44
William 'Bill' Youngs 39-47
Peter Wren 39- RIP



inexact year:

Joyce Buckle (30s)
M Carr
D Cutting
F Gotobed
A Griffiths
M Holmes
E Limmer
J Lusher

inexact year:

George Buckle (30s)
Herbert Colchester (30s)
Jack Coleman (30s)
Gerald Dunthorne (30s)
Eric Harris (30s)
Jack Nicholas (30s)
Albert Tilby (30s)
James Wilby (30s)
William Reilly (30s)

W G Warnes

Many entries are from Louis Carr's/Herbie Buckle's anecdotes in The Old Dyssean


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