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Diss Grammar School

Formerly — The Old Dyssean Society's Website

The society is no longer in existence but this website
is allied to the Diss Grammar School Facebook group.

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Useful links for Old Dysseans

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    Neither The Old Dyssean Society nor the Diss Grammar School Facebook group bears any responsibility for information on other sites!




 ° - Facebook The Old Dyssean Society's Facebook page. There is no real need
to visit this page as it will refer you back to this site.  It is there to advertise our presence to the Facebook (fb) communities and catch search-engines.
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... but try this one, our allied group ...

  ° - Mark Robinson's Diss Grammar School group on Facebook 
This page is really worth a visit, it is a 'closed group', you have to be an fb member to see it.  If your are a fb member and need an invite to join ask the WebMaster.  This site is enjoyed by all who went to DGS and not just members of The Old Dyssean Society. 

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 ° - Twitter Old Dyssean Society's, you can now follow us on twitter.
We don't tweet often but that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch out for us. - @olddyssean.

 ° - Google - search - Diss Grammar School General Google search
Google search

 ° - Wikipedia - famous people Who are these people?

 ° - Roll of Honour "Lest We Forget"

Roll Of Honour -

EGOSA - some nice pictures, class lists, staff lists and stories
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 ° -
You ought to visit the Diss Museum, displays are often changed, you never know
what you might find on each visit — go often!       
'Discover How Good It Is !'
Diss Museum

 ° - 
YouTube videos of Diss. Some in 1964 by John Betjamin.

 ° - Diss High School (DHS) Through The Years.
Diss Grammar School merged with Diss Secondary Modern School to become Diss High School in the early 1980s, a difficult transition I understand.
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 ° - Diss Express Diss newspaper.
Articles mentioning Diss Grammar in the Diss Express.
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° - Diss Mercury Diss newspaper.
Articles mentioning Diss Grammar in the Diss Mercury.
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