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Formerly — The Old Dyssean Society's Website

The society is no longer in existence but this website
is allied to the Diss Grammar School Facebook group.

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These pages are essentailly for beginners on the web and this site
in particular.  

You've got here so you can't be doing too badly.


Througout this site wherever you see a HELP icon
image or the word HELP in green it means that some form of help or explanation is available. Just click on the ICON (the image or the word HELP) to go to there.

NAVIGATION - getting around this site.
To navigae this site you can use MENUS, LINKS, ICONS, FIND and SEARCH see below, using your mouse or other navigating device.


HELP Menu image
Try practising using the menu to the top left on most pages, especially the sub-menus. There may be other stuff hiding beneath.
The MENU is the block of text to the top left hand side of every page entitled Menu and it's your guide to what's on the site and one means of navigating there.
The MENU is where you have choices (just like in a restaurant), pages to go to. Make your choice by clicking on a MENU item, the pale blue TEXT or the little grey arrows.
  • Clicking on the TEXT will take you directly to that page. Your mouse cursor (the pointy thing on the screen) will change shape when you are on a menu item and the text will become underlined.

The menu system described above works by using links, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) links. Links appear in many guises but they all do the same thing, they take you from one part of a page to another part of the page, another page completely or indeed another site. Links usually have a different colour to the rest of the text and are usually underlined. Your mouse cursor (the pointy thing that wanders around the screen under you control) also normaly changes shape when it's over a link. What it changes to and from depends upon your computer and browser. On mine it changes from an arrow to a pointing finger when over a link.

On this site links that you have not followed appear in green and links you have followed appear in red. (You can't click on the two in this paragraph though, they look like links but they are not, they are for explanation ... or confusion, you need to understand the web is like real life, full of different ways of doing things.

Sometimes links open up in the same window or view that you are already using. Sometimes they open up in a new TAB or WINDOW and sometimes in a completely new incidence of your browser. This can be quite confusing until you learn how it all works for your particular setup or device. As for understanding that's another question. On this site most links that are to other parts of this site keep to the same TAB, whereas links that take you away from this site open up in a new TAB or new WINDOW. You will need to learn how to get backwards as well as go forwards, usually this is using the next and back arrows on your browser.

ICONS and pictures etc.
Icons and other pictures are sometimes links, so clicking on them may simply enlarge the picture or carry you off into the world wide web (www), watch out for the mouse cursor shape change to indicate a link.

If you need to FIND something in particualar on this site, say a known person, then you can use at least two methods of looking this up. FIND and SEACH are synonyms as far as this site is concerned.
  1. Search The Site - This is part of this website - To the top right of every screen is a 'Search this site' box. Just enter the text you want to find in the left hand white box then press 'Search this site'. The whole site will be searched and the next page will show you links to pages that your search item was found on. NOTE: to the page NOT the actual item. If the page is long you may well than have to use method 2 below.

  2. Find On a Page - This is part of your web browser - it may be different to as described here, my browser is Mozilla Firefox. Usually just press the Ctrl+f key combination (that's hold down the key marked Ctrl and tap the f key), you can also find it thought the browser's menu sytem (not the site's menu system) under EDIT > FIND maybe?

    A box should pop-up or appear somewhere, in the case of my browser Firefox it's to the bottm left, MS Internet Explorer I think is to the top right. Anyway type in he text you want to find again and 'voila', it should be highlighted on screen. You can then use 'next' and 'prev 'or 'up' or 'down' buttons near the find box, or whatever it says to search further. NOTE: this only searches the particular page you are on and NOT the whole site, for that see 1.

If you want to print a page it's best to use the 'Print page' link right at the bottom of the page under the picture of Diss Mere, it's quite small. This will print the main contents of the page not the menu and side-bar. You'll gat a preview and the usual print options for your system.

You can also use the Print option in your browser from its menu, normally FILE > PRINT.

Help for the videos (YouTube and Google Docs) can be found on the Film Theatre page.

Help for the photo galleries can be found on the Stills Gallery page.


Top of page
On some longer pages you may need to scroll down / up and at some point a Go To Top pop-up box may appear at the bottom right. Click this box when it appears to return to the top of the page — it'll save a lot of scrolling.

"The failures of humanity are those who were too
proud or too shy to admit that they did not know.
So nobody told them!" Seth Reeder 1975.

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